How to stay warm in a tent

        Camping is one of the most favorite activity that many people can take part in for joy and happiness. After a long day with many funny activities, campers enjoy the moment when you lay down, relax and fall into sleep at night.

       When your campsites are in natural areas such as mountain or forest or you are going winter camping, keep yourself warm is compulsory for anyone. So that, campers often pay much attention to how to stay warm in a tent at night.

       Follow the tips and tricks below, you can expect that you can sleep well at night in spite of where and when your camping activities are taking place.

Find a cozy campsite

          First and foremost, the place where you put up your tent needs to be cozy in order to avoid cold wind. You need to check weather and have more information about your campsite before starting. 

       The campsite with more tree surrounding tent will bring much cold wind. So that, you should follow advice from previous campers who have experienced your campsite to decide where to put up your tent.

Choose suitable tent

       Campers also need to select right types and sizes of tent. Due to the number of people sleeping in, choose the tent that is comfortably fit with your group. To have more information about sizes and types of suitable tents, you can Google or visit some travel blogs to get recommendations from experienced campers.

       You also need small towels to insulate the ventilation holes and keep the cold out. Before bedtime, campers need to remove all snow or water out of the tent and avoid go in and outside for many times because they can wet your clothes or sleeping gears.

Put on suitable clothes

       Suitable clothes with more layers can ensure that the wind can’t reach camper’s body at night. Just remember to keep your clothes (including underwears and socks) dry before going to bed. With sleeping clothes, choose breathable fabrics that can prevent liquid from your skin pass through that can make you colder.

       Campers should finish your business outside before putting on sleeping clothes and avoid going outside. Because when you go outside with sleeping clothes, your clothes can take in some the moisture in the air that can be a problem when you are trying to stay warm at night.

       Moreover, going outside can reduce your body temperature, and require you to repeat the process of layering up again.

Choose qualified sleep bag

       To get enough warm, campers need to have a good quality temperature sleeping bag. Again, by visiting travel blogs or Google, it’s easy for you to find suitable sleep bag. In addition, keep your sleeping bags dry is also important to stay warm at night.

Avoid too many fluids at night

       To avoid frustrating from taking a pee every five minutes at cold night, you should limit the fluid intake at night. Depend on your need but stop taking water about 1-2 hours before going to bed (if possible) can prevent you from this trouble.

       One thing to note is that campers can use a bottle when you need to pee. By doing that, you don’t have to go outside at the cold night and this can be the best way to ensure warm for your body after putting much effort to heat yourself.

       In spite of the need for avoiding fluid, eating a hearty meal before bedtime is much helpful for keeping your body warm. Foods with calorie provide heat-producing energy so that a hearty meal before going to sleep can keep your metabolism running at a higher rate, resulting in the increasingly your body heat.

Add more source of warmth 

       Campers can add a warm bag or bottle to your sleeping bag, near your feet. Heat up your drinking water, use them as a source of warmth and you will have something to drink in the morning. 

       Besides that, you can use a portable tent heater. To use this product safety, you should follow the attached instructions of the product or recommendations of experienced users to avoid unexpected issues happen because of the fuel using for the heater.

Share a sleeping bag. 

       If possible, you should share your sleeping bag with your fellow who is taking part in the camping activities because two bodies releasing heat inside a sleeping bag better than you just sleep alone.

       The above tips and tricks are easy to follow but very useful when you are in camping. The most important thing to stay warm is that you need to stay dry.

       So that keeps the tent, your clothes and sleeping gears dry is necessary. In addition, not going outside too many times and use additional things that can add heat for your tent such as warm bottle or heater are needed when you are trying to keep your body warm in a tent.

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