Hiking At Sycamore Canyon: Some Tips Before Starting

           Sycamore Canyon is the second largest canyon that is located in Yavapai County, Arizona. The largest canyon in Arizona is Oak Creek Canyon which is more popular than Sycamore. The Sycamore Canyon Wilderness is bordered by the Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness to the east. Not famous as Oak Creek Canyon but with the fantastic views, Sycamore Canyon recently becomes a favorite destination for many people, especially for those who love hiking and camping. The following information and tips will be much useful for hiker when planning your next trip visiting Sycamore Canyon.

About Sycamore Canyon

           Syncamore Canyon located within three different United States National Forests, including the Coconino, Kaibab and Prescoot. There is home of wide range of wildlifes including black bear, deer, and mountain lion.

           Being protected by 56,000 acre Sycamore Canyon Wilderness, the canyon winds for over 20 miles along Sycamore Creek. You can’t find the roads to enter as well as developed campsites for camping activity.  Correpondently, Sycamore owns a very natural landscape.

           There are just two ways to visit Sycamore Canyon: by hiking and by horseback riding. There are some trails for hiker to choose and the most recommended way is along lengthy dirt routes through the Kaibab National Forest – from south of the town of Williams. This is 11-mile-long Sycamore Rim Trail Loop that can provide you with much experience on the way. 

Time for hiking

           Besides winter, you can visit Sycamore Canyon anytime. However, experienced hikers recommended that spring is the most suitable season of the year because of cool weather.

           If you visit there when the weather is hot and dry, it will add more challenge for you to complete the trail.

           In addition, in the spring, you can hike down into the canyon and find Sycamore Creek that is supposed to be the nice place for swimming.

Experience Sycamore Canyon 

           By hiking, you can expect to see many beautiful views on the way. There are some trails for hiking or horseback riding, red rocks, wildlife that hiker can stop some places and taking many pictures.

           This is really a big chance for you to explore the nature in reality, not via television channels. Feeling that the atmosphere is especially peaceful on a perfectly clear sky, free from any trace of artificial light is really unforgettable moment.

           In addition, there are some of interesting activities that you can take part in. You can go swimming or fishing on the way. Hiker can also learn about history of this place to enrich your knowledge when visting there

           The land on the canyon rim is covered with bushes and small trees. Hiker can wander along the canyon edge toward the west but there are no trails down. Challenges appear because the only way for you is climb down. That will be an adventure to descend 1,500 feet to reach the sandy river below.

           To complete this route, you need to have experience at hiking before because of some obstacles you will face on the way down. In turns, hiking at Sycamore Canyon is recommended for experienced hikers

General Notes

-You should bring enough water because it’s hard to find water source, especially on the way down. So that, bringing enough water become the most critical issue when you hike in the dry season

-You must be carefull with campfires and respect wildlife because this is a wilderness area that is very fragile, especially in the dry season

-Pack out all trash and y need to check all your belongings before leaving to make sure there is clean

-Before starting, you should Google or visit some travel blogs to have much information about trails, weather condition as well as the packing lists for your journey.

            Could be seen as “hidden gem” with spectacular landscape, Sycamore Canyon become a worth destination for those who love seeing beautiful view or wildlife. In order to successfully complete your journey, hiker needs to have the best preparation before starting by checking weather condition, finding information about suitable route as well as needed items. Not far from Williams, just take the drive to Sycamore Point to see the vista and enrich your life.

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