Stinson Beach – A white sand paradise in California

           Stinson Beach is a beautiful public beach within Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The beach located in Marin County, California on the west coast of the United States. Stinson is the name of former landowner who bought this area in 1866. After the Golden Gate Bridge was built, Stinson Beach becomes more and more popular for visitors.

           About a 35-minute drive along California’s Highway 1 across the Golden Gate Bridge into the north bay area, Stinson has a long beach with breathtaking sceneries. As a result, the beach is well-known as one of the most favorite destinations of people in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as tourists visiting northern California. If you are looking for information about Stinson Beach for your next trip, you are in the right place!

Stinson Beach – a large beach with beautiful scenery and good facilities

           With white sand and a long stretch, a mountain in the background and oceanfront, Stinson Beach is a gorgeous beach where you can take good pictures for yourself. In addition, the beach is expansive and flat making it very walkable. Walking along the beach, building sand castles, swimming, surfing, or sunbathing are some of relaxing activities that you can spend time when visiting there.

           Stinson Beach is well-equipped facilities with restrooms, showers, picnic areas with picnic tables and BBQ grills. That would be great if you choose this place for picnicking.

           You can also start-up a game of beach volleyball – an activity can gather many people of your family or groups. Volleyball nets and balls can be borrowed from the main lifeguard tower.

Stinson Beach – Other interesting programs for visitors

Besides activities take place on the beach as mentioned above, visitors can take part in other recreational programs such as hiking, bird watching, fishing. 

           As a part of this recreational area, Audubon Canyon Ranch, Point Reyes Lighthouse or Martin Griffin Preserve are good choices for hiking and bird watching. There are many trails with different distances that suitable for all hikers. Follow these routes, hikers have chances for bid observation as well as get close to nature.

           Because of many different routes at different destinations, you need to Google or refer to recommendations from prior visitors to have more information with regard to place and its features to have the best preparation.

Stinson Beach – Other important information

  • To get there, head north of the Golden Gate Bridge, exit from Highway 101 at the Mill Valley/ Stinson Beach/ Highway 1 then follow signs to Stinson Beach.
  • Parking is free but on a sunny weekend, the parking lots will fill up fast, so that you have to get there soon to have space on these days. Parking time depends on season, so that, check the posted sign when entering the parking plot
  • Besides the north of Stinson beach named Upton, dogs are not allowed on the beach
  • Fires are only permitted in assigned spots in the picnic area, not on the beach. Be careful with and extinguish fire before leaving
  • Special events or even large groups must be permitted
  • Visitors should swim only from late May to mid-September when lifeguards are on duty.
  • Inner tubes and motorized recreational equipment are not permitted in swimming areas.
  • Shark attacks have occurred here, so that be aware of the risk of sharks
  • Hikers need to bring much water as well as wear suitable hiking boots  
  • Keep clean the beach by taking out what you bring in

           The beautiful beach where offers visitors many interesting outdoor activities, Stinson Beach is an ideal destination for people who are living in or visiting San Francisco. Let’s come and feel the beauty as well as enjoy with many funny activities there to enrich your life.

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