Hike To Mt. Wilson From Chantry Flat Trail: Some Tips Before Starting

    Mount Wilson is a 12.5 mile trafficked loop trail which is located near Sierra Madre, California. High 5.710 foot, it is well-known as a favorite destination for those whose love hiking, especially experienced adventurers because this place consists of rugged jungle and mountains.

      Many people comment that Mount Wilson is probably one of the hardest trails because of its distance and oreographic. This place provides various types of activity that hiker can take part in to enrich their hiking experience. 

1. Time and preparation for hiking

        Best time to hike at Mount Wilson is from January until October and it takes about 7-9 hours to complete the journey depending on hiker’s schedule.
         Before starting, you should search much information about this place by googling or refer to recommendations from experienced adventures to have the best preparation.
         Put on suitable clothes and bring enough water are compulsory because of the long distance.
         Make sure that you bring shoes with good tread and hiking poles that can assist you to overcome the long distance.

2. Mount Wilson via Chantry Flat

         There are several trails that hikers can take to the top of Mount Wilson. However, most hikers choose to start their journey to the top of Mount Wilson from Chantry Flat. Offer fantastic landscapes and tremendous views of Los Angeles, Chantry Flat with 14 mile loop is the most beautiful trail. 

         Follow this way, you will meet the Sturtevant Fall and its beauty is really amazing. Also, you can check out the Mt Wilson Observatory- a visitors center in the big, 100 inch telescope building. 

         Besides that, you can stop at Astronomical Museum or Cosmic Cafe to fuel up for the rest of the hike and enjoy many beautiful landscapes. It is one the most awaited moment of your journey.
           Hikers is also inspired by quotes on the sign such as: “May your search through nature lead you to yourself”.

3. On the top of Mount Wilson

        The destination – top of Mount Wilson – is somewhat wonderful with a lot of buildings, observatories and paved roads.

         There is the place where radio or television station in the Southland set up their towers on it.

         There is also with a water fountain for hikers to refill water bottle and prepare for the way down. Take a couple of hours to recharge yourself enjoy the landscapes before going down.

4. Other notices

         More information for hikers is that Chandry Flat trail is popular and often fills up early on the weekends. It opens at 6am and if you get there at 7am, you might park at the Chantry Flats Pack Station that you will be charged for your parking (about $10).

         One thing to note is that there are pit toilets on the way up but on the way down, there is nothing until you back to Chandry Flat. The trail down is quite hard because it is more slippery than the way up.

         As the spirit of a quote “it’s the journey, not the destination”, the beautiful landscapes on the way up to the top of Mount Wilson attract much hiker’s attention and the moment that you are immersing into nature is unforgettable.

         No matter what kind of challenge or difficulties you face on the way, come to conquer Mount Wilson via Chantry Flat and create your own experience.

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