Jefferson Lake Recreation Area: Place For Relaxing Yourself

The Jefferson Lake Recreation Area is a fee area managed by concessionaire located northwest of Jefferson off US Highway 285, Colorado state. This place is famous with Jefferson Lake – one of the best fishing hole of fishermen. Besides that, Jefferson Lake Recreation area provides a number of campgrounds as well as trails that make their place become an ideal place for camping and hiking in Colorado.

Fishing at Jefferson Lake

          For fishermen, the nine-acre, fourteen-foot-deep Jefferson Lake is a wonderful place with wide range of fish. With the height over 10,000 feet, this is the lake on the mountain. The lake is well stocked with bass, catfish, crappie, carp, lake trout and rainbow trout. 

         There is a boat ramp located on the south-east end of the lake. You can have a boat on the lake because it is a “no wake” zone.  It’s not difficult to find fishermen who own high fishing skills. They not only come to catch fish but also to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. 

         Only in the coldest conditions is the lake not fishable. The most suitable time that is recommended by experienced fishermen is from March to May.

Hiking at Jefferson Lake

         There are two famous trails for hiking: the Colorado Trail passes through the area on its way to Georgia Pass and the Jefferson Lake, and Jefferson Loop trail covers Jefferson Lake. These trails offer day hikers options for long or short walks.

         If you seek for the best hiking, biking and horseback riding experience, Colorado Trail with 471-mile extending from Denver to Durango will be the best choice.

         If you combine hiking with fishing, you can choose Jefferson Loop trail  that is a footpath than a trail for hiking. It circles Jefferson Lake and provides access for fishing. This trail is easy and suitable for those who do not ordinarily hike.

Camping at Jefferson Lake

         Jefferson Lake Recreation Area provides some campgrounds and picnic areas, including Jefferson Lake Picnic Area, Jefferson Creek Campground, Beaver Ponds Picnic Area, Aspen Campground, and Lodgepole Campground. Each campground/picnic area includes some sites that were well-equipped facilities for camping or picnic activity such as grill, picnic table, parking, drinking water, etc…

         When camping there, visitors can expect to see a great mountain views or enjoy peaceful feeling when walking around the lake. Campers can also take part in other interesting activities such as boating, fishing, hiking.  

More information

        To get there: from Highway 285 at Jefferson, take County Road 35 north to County Road 37 and turn right.  You have to pay the entrance fee and then drive to parking areas (parking hours from 6 a.m to 10 p.m)

         Time for visitors: Jefferson Lake Recreation Area operates due to weather condition. The gates often close in mid-November due to snow.  So that, please Google or find recommendations from prior visitors before starting. You can also check with the South Park Ranger District for for current updates at 719-836-2031.

        About Regulations: a valid Missouri fishing license is required for fishermen. For campers, be careful with your campfire because a small fire can cause bigger trouble or even disaster. So that, put out your campfire before leaving is compulsory.

Other notes

         Be aware of bear and keep your food safe inside containers or your vehicle.
Pack out all trash and make sure that your place is clean before leaving.
         Follow all regulations for a safe trip.

         With a lake on the mountain, Jefferson Lake Recreation area offers great mountain views in the combination with many interesting activities. So that, this place became a favorite destination for people of all ages who love outdoor activities. That would be great if you can experience more than one activity there to create more relaxing time and enrich your life.

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